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Friday, November 03, 2017
By Wendy
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It's late at night and my mind is churning with ideas... I am a self proclaimed night owl and tonight I've decided it is finally time I use some of this nighttime energy to start my very FIRST OFFICIAL blog post!  I enjoy sharing so many images from my sessions on Facebook and have gotten into Instagram here and there as well, but I plan to start featuring sessions and my favorites from each session here so that they can all be seen in one place.  

In addition, I'll be announcing contests, mini sessions and any specials I may be running here on the blog - I'll likely be linking to these on Facebook since that is currently where I'm most active with my marketing.  I'll also share little antidotes about the goings on in my life as a way for you to get to know the person behind the camera that takes all those sweet baby and family shots that you all enjoy seeing.  I have always said how much I enjoy my "job".  Sure, it has it's very crazy moments...juggling three young children and a business and fielding emails, editing, texts and other client questions makes my head spins some days.  But when I get to interact with your children and hold your babies and get to know YOU - those are the moments I really cherish.  And being able to provide my clients with such special memories of their children.

So, follow along this journey with me! 


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